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Handcrafted Soap Rapid City

Welcome to Mama and Mia’s Bath Shop!
Handcrafted Soap Rapid City

We make Handcrafted Soap in Rapid City and we distribute it all across the United States. Several years ago I put on some lotion and wondered why it made my legs burn. My skin is not sensitive and it would always make my skin tingle and hurt. I looked at the ingredients and googled a few of the ones I couldn’t pronounce. What is this stuff, what am I absorbing into my body and what am I putting on my baby?

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Handcrafted Soap

Our products are simple, and we don’t use added junk!

1. You can feel good about using them for yourself and your family.

It makes you feel “fancy” to use handmade, unique products, and everyone likes to feel special!

2. Getting up in the morning is a drag for Mia and I. We struggle, but knowing we’ve got Mama and Mia’s products to use makes it easier, and the scents and the bright colors help motivate us to start our day!

Your skin will feel great, and you’ll feel the difference! 

3. Our skin is our largest organ and everyone can see it, and it absorbs everything you put on it. If you’ve never used an artisan soap before, give it a try and feel the difference, because there are no harsh detergents in our soaps.  Our lotions and balms are made with hand-picked, tried and true ingredients, and your skin will feel smooth and clean without feeling stripped.

Mia and I  “happy dance” when someone orders our products, and it’s all because of you!

4. It’s so great to know you believe in us and will be getting such a great, fun product! Maybe someday we’ll be brave and put a video of our special dance!

I love making soap for you, and you’ll love using it!

5. The selfish side of me has to say….you should use Mama and Mia’s because I love making soap. If you don’t take some, I’ll run out of room, so if not for yourself, do it for me, and my family who doesn’t want a house made of soap. 🙂

We do not test on animals, just ourselves. 🙂

6. We do not test on animals, just ourselves. 🙂

Artisan Soap Rapid City

In 2015 I started to research and learn all I could about soap making with the goal of using as many natural ingredients as possible. I started with soap and then learned to make bath fizzies, lotions, scrubs, and lip balms. I make these with pure, clean ingredients that I can pronounce. Mama and Mia’s Bath Shop opened in December of 2019 with the dream of making our wonderful bath products available to everyone.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them. Thank you very much for supporting our little business!

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