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Natural Skin Balms – by Mama and Mia’s Bath Shop

Natural Skin Balms and Lotion Bars by Mama and Mia’s

Natural Skin Balms: Natural hand and body lotions are made with simple natural oils and butters. Since natural lotions are safer for your skin, and don’t rely on harsh chemicals for results, you can welcome them into your skin care routine.

Does mama and mias offer natural lotions? Yes! Mama and Mia’s offers natural hand and body lotions, and we have a variety of scents and unscented natural lotions as well.

What separates your lotions from mainstream lotions from retail stores?  

We make our lotion with safe, simple, and cleaner ingredients.

Mama and Mia’s natural hand and body lotion uses natural oils and butters and no harsh chemicals.

Does Mama and Mia’s source sustainable ingredients?  Mama and Mia’s hand-picks our ingredients from sources we support due to their reputation and sustainability.

Environmental Impact

Since this planet is our home, we believe it’s important to take care of it. Although we do use plastics in some of our packaging, Mama and Mia’s believes in recycling. We urge you to recycle plastic packaging as we source better, renewable, packaging options for you and our planet.

How did you decide to make this line of lotions? Several years ago I put on some lotion and wondered why it made my legs burn. Although I don’t have sensitive skin and it would always make my skin tingle and hurt. I looked at the ingredients and googled a few of the ones I couldn’t pronounce. What am I absorbing into my body and what am I putting on my baby? READ MORE

How does Mama and Mia’s scent your lotion?  

Essential oils

Flavor oils

Fragrance oils

Do you offer unscented natural lotion? Mama and Mia’s makes unscented natural lotion, and our pure and clean natural unscented lotion can be found here: Mama and Mia’s Unscented Natural Lotion

Natural Skin Balms

What are Natural Skin Balms?

Natural skin balms are a water-free skin salve made with oil or beeswax as its base. Although natrual skin balms differ in consistency from lotions, they can be used in similar ways.

Does Mama and Mia’s offer Natural Skin Balm? Yes, Mama and Mia’s has Natural Skin Balm, and you can find out more below!

Mama and Mia’s Natural Skin Balm is made from Lanolin, Avocado Oil and Beeswax. Although our natural skin balm is ideal to use on dry skin patches and problem skin areas, you can use it like lotion as well.

Natural Skin Balms

What is a natural lotion bar? 

A natural lotion bar is a solid bar of lotion that you can rub on your hands and body. Lotion bars are convenient, long-lasting and fast absorbing. Since Mama and Mia’s Lotion Bars are made with natural ingredients, you can feel good about using them! You can find Mama and Mia’s Lotion Bars here: Mama and Mia’s Natural Lotion Bars

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