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Mama and Mia’s Social Distancing

Mama and Mia’s Social Distancing! This is a strange time for all of us. The uncertainty has us all a little nervous, no matter how hard you try not to worry. Mia has enjoyed staying home from school and I must admit, I like it too. I’ve never been a fan of sending her to school. Especially during flu season so this solves that. She’s doing well in her studies at home but takes direction from dad much better than me, reiterating to myself  that I would not be good at home schooling her.

I’m still working both of my part time jobs. My office job has let us move home to work on our computers. I have less hours then usual at my retail job but I’m thankful to have it. Precautions are being taken seriously there also. I’ve been able to spend more time with Mia, play, relax and work on our bath shop.

In all the hype about this virus one thing that has surprised me most is the lack of toilet paper. I’m not sure what caused that and I’m a little concerned that I didn’t stock up. I’m going to have to hunt some down here in the next few days. But, why toilet paper??  I didn’t read anywhere to wipe your butt to avoid the virus? (ha!)
If I recall, the top recommendation was to wash your hands, correct? 

So, never fear, Mama and Mia’s bath shop has soap for you. Studies show that now only does washing your hands with soap wash germs away but it KILLS the virus. And remember, even if you don’t use an “antibacterial” soap, COVID-19 is a virus and not a bacteria. 

Where am I going with this?

 Mama and Mia’s has just released a line of fruit scented soap that is delightful. They are lightly scented, beautifully colored and will wash those dreaded germs away and brighten your day.

You can find our new line here.

Be sure to keep an eye on us. I’m adding more soap and lotion choices as spring approaches as well as moving some inventory to the bargain bin Now is the time to grab them at a bargain price before they are gone.

Well wishes to you all, take time to enjoy your family, Be kind, and wash your hands 🙂


Becky and Mia

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